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Beverage & Brewery

Beverage and Brewery Solutions Built on Microsoft Dynamics 365     

Beverage producers are continuously challenged with low profit margins, shorter product cycle, stringent safety standards, and changing customer needs. To effectively compete in this environment requires a robust, end-to-end business management solution that allows transparency into all aspects of your business. From production and quality management, to transportation, to promotion and sales, you need a solution that provides the complete visibility into your business.

Drink-IT®: The Solution for Beverage Industry

Built on Microsoft Dynamics ERP, Drink-IT was developed specifically for breweries, beverage producers, and specialized wholesale traders so that they could meet these challenges head on. Built on Microsoft Dynamics® NAV, Drink-IT solution provides an end-to-end business management solution ensuring the visibility into your entire operation.

Drink-IT helps you to:

  • Manage formulation, packaging and pricing effectively

  • Ensure compliance with quality and safety standards

  • Optimize production planning and inventory management

  • Improve quality lot tracking and traceability

  • Effectively manage promotions and discounts

  • Increase speed to market

  • Streamline supply chain

Gain full visibility into your business and grow your bottom line with beverage solutions delivered by Tectura.

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